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Berichtdoor Hof Chao » 16 Dec 2013, 11:45

Graag had ik ff geweten wat jullie van deze denken , dit zal volgens mij toch wel wat verandering te weeg brengen maar of dat goed of slecht zal zijn is een ander verhaal
Graag jullie standpunt en of gedacht over deze zaak :thumbs:

http://www.adrk.de/0_aktuell_20131202_G ... hsel_e.htm
Eddy & Virpi

Hof Chao
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Berichtdoor Yurah&Hope » 17 Dec 2013, 07:10

Ik had het vorige week al snel gelezen.
M'n eerste gedachte was toen : trouble in paradise?
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Berichtdoor Hof Chao » 17 Dec 2013, 08:04

Antwoord van het IFR hier onder

ADRK Termination - Important, Please read here or on our web :
Dear Friends,

We look back on 2013 with mixed feelings. As said in the New Year wishes of the IFR-president Mr. Hoffmann, we enjoyed many successful events and even more constructive contacts, but there was of course also the regrettable news of the ADRK ending its membership of the IFR.

To be honest, for those who are actively involved in the IFR, it was quite shocking to read what was recently published on behalf of the ADRK about its termination of its membership and to see how perceptions or interpretations of facts can differ.

Although we certainly do not want to start a fruitless discussion and sincerely regret the decision of the ADRK to terminate its membership of our International Federation that specifically works in the interest of the Rottweiler as precisely defined by the ADRK, an answer is called for and our members are entitled to it.

The International Federation of Rottweiler-Friends was founded in 1969 on the initiative of the former ADRK President Mr. Adolf Pienkoß. Its purpose is not to represent the interests of the ADRK but - in the interest of all Rottweilerfriends – to see to it that worldwide the Rottweiler is kept and bred as defined by the ADRK / FCI breedstandard.

Until the year 2000, the IFR-constitution demanded that President of the ADRK was automatically appointed as the first President of the IFR and even more, at least one other board-member of the IFR was to be a delegate of the ADRK.

It was on demand of the ADRK itself (!), not the demand of other IFR-members, that the constitution was changed so that since then its first president is no longer automatically the first president of the IFR. This change was demanded by the ADRK to enable a specific person to become first president, which would have been impossible under the original constitution.

Important is that at the same Meeting of Delegates in 2000, questions rose concerning the fact that the IFR had no other activities then a show and an IPO worldchampionship … every 3 years … .

The congress was unable to give an answer to the expressed need for more international dialogue and initiatives, especially the need for an internationally organized and supported fight against the worldwide threat of breed-specific legislation. To the contrary, the plea for such cooperation was quite brutally ended by the statement by the ADRK-president that the first the situation in Germany was to be solved before any action was to be discussed or taken into consideration for this yet very real danger for our breed in other countries where even its very existence was at stake … . Needless to say that many were shocked … .

In the period of 2000 – 2003, again the IFR remained totally inactive. Not even a IFR board-meeting was organized.

At the Meeting in 2003 in Portugal, it was clear that the present member-clubs were highly displeased with again a total lack of activity. At the suggestion of the Austrian delegate, all delegates were asked to describe the roll and tasks they wanted the IFR to fulfill as of then and it was after and on the basis of the thus expressed opinions, that the IFR-board was elected. Even the ADRK-delegate, himself former ADRK and IFR president, complained about the then existent situation and as he promised to bring change he was elected as first president over the candidature of the ADRK president in office.

Unfortunately, again, during the following period of 3 years, nothing happened and all ideas to take initiatives were cut back.

During almost 40 years, seen the dominant presence of the ADRK in the board of the IFR, the possibility for the ADRK to lead and worldwide influence the keeping and breeding of the Rottweiler by using the structure and means of the IFR had been almost without limit … but was never used … .

In 2006, after again a 3 year period of inactivity, the constitution of the IFR was changed by the Meeting of the Delegates in Mexico.

This was not a reaction against the ADRK but solely a decision to ensure that the IFR-board would finally have the means to work towards the realization of the IFR’s goals. I remember the lamentation by several clubs that there had never been a response on the demand for a judges’ seminar or judges’ education, for discussion on breeding regulations, etc. … , which are yet exactly the instruments given and even imposed to the IFR by its very constitution.

As the past had proven that the nationality of the first president of the executive board was on itself not a guarantee that the IFR could and would indeed take initiatives, the new constitution now still demands the presence of the ADRK in the board to ensure the possibility of the motherland's club to have an important influence but it no longer makes the IFR's initiatives, activities and/or its achievements totally dependent of the mere fact of one’s nationality.

At the IFR Congress in 2006, Dieter Hoffmann, was urged by the ADRK board to be a candidate as first President. He promised to be a President for all members and a partner to discuss and help with all problems in whatever county and he was elected with an extended board that is since then working continually.

The change of the constitution in 2006 has in fact proven to be a catalyst, and a successful one !

While before 2006 the activities of the IFR were limited to the designation of the country that would organize the next world show and world championship, since then many other activities were initiated.

Think about the seminars for breed-wardens, helpers and judges. Further there is now each year an IFR World Show and an IFR IPO III World Championship.

Important also is the formal recognition of the IFR by the FCI, leading to the official recognition of the IFR titles and even the selection of the winner of our world championship to participate the FCI-world championship all breeds, thus giving our breed the chance to show and prove itself as a utility breed on an international level amid all other breeds.

Finally, and this is probably the most important achievement, it was decided by the Meeting of the Delegates in Moscow that all IFR-memberclubs must have minimal breeding regulations that concern both the health and the breedspecific characteristics of the Rottweiler and that must include some sort of breedsuitability-test. This decision had been waited for … for 43 years … !

I refer to the constitutional aim of the IFR that had so long been neglected :

The IFR is trying to align the breeding of the Rottweiler with the requirements of human and animal living together in the future.

The main aim of all breeding and association-internal politic efforts is the preservation of the original traits of character of the Rottweiler. These consist in a high confidence of character, sociable behaviour in the familiy and the society and the aptitude as a working dog. The IFR considers it of prime importance to introduce, continue or intensivate efforts, in order to breed exclusively with dogs with a self-assured nature, a well-balance nervous condition and sufficiently high stimulus threshold.

To pursue attentively the development in the fields of keeping sport and training and to influence it on time. For activities and for leisure handling of the dogs, have - apart from the usual defence training - to be found and developed forms, which are also suitable for powerful working dog breeds and also accepted by the FCI.

The cooperation between the breeding associations of the respective countries, especially those organs that have the most responsibilities on breeding (breed specialized judges, breed wardens) shall be organized and carried out at the regional level, in order to improve the health and the coordination of the standard interpretations and to adopt the setting of priorities.

When new findings concerning the Rottweiler breed have been made, the convention of the IFR should be revised.

The continuous dealing with specialized questions on breeding and keeping as well as compliance with FCI regulations must be guaranteed in the member countries.

It is only since the change in 2006 that the IFR has taken steps towards these goals and has finally evolved towards its intended form and content.

The ever still growing number of new member-clubs – also now that the ADRK has terminated its membership - will speak for itself about the world wide trust that the IFR enjoys, based on the realization of the importance that our International Federation of Rottweilerfriends can and will have for the preservation of our magnificent breed.

Despite several invitations by the IFR to the ADRK to organize and lead the judge’s seminar and the meeting of breedwardens, all co-operation was declined. Even the request to study and appreciate the breeding regulations of the IFR memberclubs and to advise these clubs and thus breeders about the appropriate changes needed to ensure respect for the ADRK/FCI breedstandard, was refused.

For this, no reason was given and this is difficult to understand as this cooperation would have given the ADRK a direct and very dominant influence on the judging and breeding of the Rottweiler and would even have given her a direct worldwide influence on all breeding regulations and breed suitability tests !! What more can we offer and what more can be asked for ?

There was also no other co-operation, to the contrary even, even sharing information to complete our website was refused just as the unanimous decision (including the vote of the ADRK) to have the IFR congress in connection with the ADRK Klubsieger-Zuchtschau was ignored.

In 2009 the delegate of the ADRK was elected as a boardmember of the IFR but refused the mandate. One can of course not seriously complain about not being present in the board when one refuses to be in the board.

In 2011 there was even no candidature by the ADRK-delegate which meant that the ADRK did not want to appoint a person who could be elected as a board-member. It was only after the elections that another delegate suggested to elect the German delegate as an additional board member. A democratic vote did not elect him. Mr. Dieter Hoffmann, ADRK-member, was however again elected as first president.

In 2013 the ADRK-delegate was only interested in the first presidency. Again after a democratic vote, he was not elected as first president. When asked if he was a candidate to be elected as a boardmember, this was denied by him as he did not want to be elected as such. Mr. Dieter Hoffmann – ADRK-member - was elected again as first president.

In all occasions, the constitution and democratic rules were respected.

The IFR has never worked against the ADRK nor has it ever undermined or questioned its absolute importance as the representative of the motherland of the breed !

To the contrary even, all the IFR's activities are meant to support and promote the Rottweiler as the breed is defined by the FCI-ADRK breedstandard and to incite clubs / amateurs / breeders and judges with deviating ideas to accept and respect the breed solely as it is defined by the ADRK.

A complete paradox is that while the IFR fervently supports the ADRK/FCI breedstandard and refuses her membership for clubs that support other breedstandards, it is precisely the ADRK who supports an organization that follows another breedstandard and who allows ADRK-judges to be depicted on posters that promise that they will judge shows, ZtP’s and even Körung based on this other breedstandard and who will thus by showresults and breedsuitability-tests promote dogs for breeding that may answer to the Canadian breedstandard but not to the ADRK/FCI breedstandard. It is true that this peculiar position was twice put to question at the Meeting of the Delegates. By doing this, the obvious right of the ADRK or her judges to do so was not questioned nor was this meant to be insulting but it was a token of concern for the very purpose of the IFR : the preservation and promotion of the Rottweiler as defined by the ADRK/FCI breedstandard. No answer was given.

The decision of the ADRK in 2011, formalized in 2013 after the Meeting of the Delegates, to terminate its membership of the IFR was impossible to understand.

At the IFR Congress 23 and 24 May 2013, the delegate of the ADRK himself conceded that the ADRK had made mistakes. He expressed the wish that we should now not look into the past but only towards the future and he expressed the wish of the ADRK for a good co-operation with the IFR.

The promise for a renewed co-operation was applauded, especially as, always with the realization of the IFR's goals in mind, the congress 2013 decided that the IFR should become even more ambitious.

The IFR is now to consider worldwide regionally organized seminars for judges, helpers and breed-wardens, even activities and regulations that concern breed selection (shows, breed-suitability-tests) and also even the research and possible publication of an illustrated breed-standard to enhance homogeneity in judging and thus breeding.

It goes without saying that the congress and the IFR-board expressed that for all this, the co-operation of the ADRK is highly wanted and looked forward to !!

I dare refer to the minutes of this Meeting (cfr. http://www.ifrottweilerfriends.org) to confirm that this was expressed even repeatedly !

What more than this could we offer : worldwide seminars and thus education and a lead for judges and breedwardens, a direct impact on breeding regulations, the publication of an illustrated breedstandard which might have an enormous educational influence, … .

What more could be offered and what more can be asked for ?

For this, the IFR could give the full support of its structure and financial means and could allow the ADRK to take the lead in worldwide education and to give direction to the breeding and keeping of the Rottweiler !

We do not understand that the ADRK reproaches the IFR not to invite ADRK judges for the worldshow in Moscow and Denmark . This is simply not true ! Only, the board decided already several years ago that at any IFR-event, only one judge per nationality can be invited so also only one ADRK-judge and not two or more. In an international organization that shows respect to its members, this is of course only normal ! The Russian club chose to invite Mr. Hoffmann (ADRK judge) to judge the show in Moscow just as the Spanish club chose Mr. U. Peeterman to judge the worldshow in Spain the year afterwards. At all these events, an ADRK-judge was in office ! Also for the show in Denmark, we invited several ADRK-judges but it was the ADRK herself who refused to give them permission to accept the invitations ! She wanted to impose us to invite a specific judge, which was refused, not because somebody questioned his capability as a judge (!) but because he was heard to incite the ADRK to leave the IFR and which was esteemed contradictory with the idea of having him judge one of our most important events. It is hardly serious that the ADRK forbids its judges to accept an invitation and then complains about the fact that they were unable to judge ... nor is it serious to demand that an organization would not be allowed to freely choose and invite a judge but should have to bow to the dictates of a single member.

We repeat that we sincerely regret the decision of the ADRK that followed the Meeting of the Delegates in Denmark, namely its decision to end its membership of the IFR.

We also regret that the proposal by the Swiss Rottweilerclub to organize a professional intermediation and that was immediately accepted by the IFR board, was not answered by the ADRK.

It is true that at the occasion of the ADRK-clubshow in 2012, a discussion was held between representatives of the IFR and ADRK. A serious and constructive suggestion to solve all debate was formulated but was not accepted. To the contrary, this proposal was answered by a demand to have the IFR constitution changed in such a way that it had to be clear in advance that this was unlikely to be acceptable for the IFR-members. These proposals that were put before the Meeting of the Delegates in 2013 in Denmark, were by the ADRK–delegate himself, limited to the proposal to change the constitution so it would no longer give all IFR-members the same right of vote, meaning that they would no longer be treated as equals, and to detract the right of the IFR-members to freely choose the persons they want to be elected in the executive board. These proposals were rejected by a very large majority of the IFR-members, more precisely by 15 against / 6 in favor and 20 against / 1 in favor, a democratic vote that will speak for itself. It is the IFR’s understanding is that all members are equal, have the same rights and the same obligations and that no individual memberclub can impose its unilateral demands.

We still sincerely and honestly hope that a close co-operation will be possible again in the near future, especially now that the ADRK published its intention for an extensive international activity and cooperation.

We will certainly not hinder these initiatives because the deployment of such international activity is exactly what the IFR wants to achieve, only we are convinced that much more than by individual initiative, a close cooperation with and amongst all IFR-members would give the ADRK much more clout and much more structural and financial means to worldwide lead and educate substantively and thus the opportunity to cultivate and amplify the full responsibility that becomes the motherland's Rottweiler Club.

The Federation is not closed to the ADRK and although we are now obliged to change the constitution, we will ensure that there will be place for the ADRK in the Federation.

However, awaiting a possible new discussion, we ensure you that in the meantime, the IFR-board will keep doing all within its means to work towards the realization of our mutual goals.

Yours sincerely,

On behalf of the IFR-executive board,
Dieter Hoffmann, first president,
Dirk Vandecasteele, vice president.
Eddy & Virpi

Hof Chao
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